A multidisciplinary engineer, data scientist and lifelong autodidact focusing on challenges that fuel creative technological expression.


I am Chris Marion: a 24-year-old multi-disciplinary artist, engineer, data scientist, programmer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, adventurer, and thrill-seeker. 

I am a lifelong autodidact and have been teaching myself about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics since I've been old enough to read. My appetite for experientially integrating new information is never satisfied, and continually feeds my driving creative forces. I enjoy working with any complex system, and for me the most rewarding projects are those which incorporate multiple disciplines of engineering. Taking a systems-level, multidisciplinary approach to any project I tackle allows me to discover and utilize solutions that otherwise wouldn't be noted.

My current work focuses on a vortex of computational biology & cancer research, environmental engineering, distributed systems & IOT, additive manufacturing, and alternative energies.

I am also known for my special effects endeavors, such as my "FireHero" series of creations from 2011-2013, and the ongoing Project Vulcan.