Projects In-Progress:

Project Vulcan

Microbial Decomposition Heater

Algae Photobioreactor

Induction Heater



Upcoming Projects:

Microhydroelectric Power Plant

FireHero: VS (2-player battle mode)

Playing video games with real guns

Active Noise Cancellation

Snow Gun

Fully automated algae-growing and harvesting system

Wrist-mounted fireball shooter

Lightning Photography

$25 touch screens

CNC Mill

Hydrogen Generation from Nitrogenous wastes and Nickel catalyst

Hollywood Movie Pyrotechnics

Methanol colored flame effects

Pulsejet engine

Forced-air propane effects

Liquid propane effects

Cryogenic effects

Robotic Lawn-Mowing system

High-frequency transmitter single-point mapping system

Single-point balancing robots: using control moment gyroscopes to apply torque in two axes simultaneously

WVO stove preheater

Hot water waste heat recollector

 Lightning Detector


Completed Projects:

4-channel simultaneous DAQ system

Alu Project

Carbonating Fruit


Electrolytic Power Source (The "Water Battery")


FireHero 2.0


Home Foundry

Inverse Pendulum Robot

Pneumatic Potato Cannon

Magnetic Stirrer


The Children's Museum


Computer vision: using an on-board computer to track objects

Compressed Air-Powered Engine

Ruben's Tube